3 Weeks and 5 Days

Well we are rapidly approaching our departure date and it seems we still have a myriad of small things to get organised.

We altered our original itinerary a little and have added a 2 day scuba diving package in between our ubud and kuta stay. I'm really looking forward to the diving and hope it goes as well as the reviews we have read about the resort.

I was also pleased to read that AirAsia have very recently upgraded/refurbished their planes that fly between AU and KL so that should make for a slightly more pleasant flight. I had a friend describe the old seating as like sitting on dental floss so hopefully they lashed out and widened the seats a little.

I've spent a bit of time working out what we are going to do with our money and how we are going to manage it while over there. We are going to use our commonwealth bank cash card, it seems it's going to be the easiest and the commbank have ATM machines at various locations around the island.

It seems we don't actually need any immunisations to travel into either country so we have decided to brave it and go without.

The kids have been doing test/practice trips away to nanny's place to get them used to us not being around. We have a small Sony laptop organised to take with us that has a web cam so we can make video calls to the kids where possible, and also so we can update this blog for them so they can see what we have been up to each day or two where possible.

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