The Weather is as hot as the food :)

Well we left for Malaysia yesterday morning at 8:40am from the Gold Coast airport and are now in Malaysia at the Concorde Inn which is close to the KLIA airport and not far from the LCCT airport which we flew into.

The flight was 8 hours and seemed to take forever, we were lucky enough to get on of the recenly refurbished planes so everything was sparkling new.

This is the plane we went on as it arrived at Gold Coast airport.

About 3 hours into flight realised we could hire a little media player for 30 Ringits (about $10 Austrlian). It was excellent we watched Couples Retreat and also Pearl Harbour.

When we landed in Malaysia we went through customs and immigration very quickly. We basically walked straight through customs and just stopped at immigration for a moment to get our passports stamped.

It was about 34 degrees when we landed which was a little bit of a shock as we walked off the pane. once laneded we stopped in to an Asian fast food restuarant called "Marry Browns" for a quick snack.

In our planning we decided to catch a bus from the LCCT airport to the KLIA airport (about 20 mins) and then get a cab from there to our hotel which was quiet close to KLIA. we found the first bus pretty easily and it cost us 5RM (about $1.75 AU) for the both of us. Once at the KLIA the fun begins.. man that place is huge. took us a while to find the cabs and then once we did the cabbie couldnt take us saying we needed to get a coupon. We had some help finding the coupon counter only to be told by the lady that served us we needed to get a shuttle bus not a cab as it's free. We found the bus stop after a while and asking a few different people.

The hotel is very nice and the room is clean and tidy, with much swearing and trip to reception we got the wifi working in our room. We went down and had a drink at the bar (Rachael likes the Pina Colada's here) and over to the restaurant for a meal. The food was beautiful the satay was great and the other black pepper beef with clear soup and sticky rice was also great. I realise now when the menu says pepper they mean chilli. I eventually worked out that the black things in with the beef were actually dried whole chillies... no wonder it was blowing my head off. Our waiter bought us complimentary tomato soup and some small heated rolls to snack on while we waited for our mains. so the two mains and a few beers ended out costing us 67RM ($22 aud) which i thought was very cheap for the service and quality of food we got.

One thing I'm noticing is that everyone is so eager to help you out and so far we have not been hassled by anyone so we are really looking forward to our 3 days in Malaysia at the end of this trip.

We are flying out to Bali today at 9:25am (11:25am au time) and arrive in Bali at 12:30 (2:30pm). In Denpasar we will have a driver waiting to take us up to Ubud for our first 9 nights.

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