Friday 7 May - Day 4 in Bali

We made a late start today. We slept in and then took our time to shower and go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Before we even had a chance to sit down two ladies who were sitting at a table eating had jumped up and were squealing and giggling...there was a large male monkey sitting on the roof next to them. On the other side of the restaurant another smaller monkey had jumped up onto a table and was eating the leftovers from a table that had not yet been cleaned up.

We ordered an omlette and a banana pancake for breakfast. The omlette was not so great but the pancake was very good. We looked at our photos, updated our blog and chatted with Lau.

We walked into town through the Monkey Forrest at about 11am. When we go into the main street we stopped a small shop where a lady was selling clothing. She had some shorts that Steve liked and some nice dresses so we asked her if we could try them on. We could see that she did not have a fitting room so when she said yes we started stripping off right then and there...Steve already had the shorts on by the time we realised that she had a curtain that she was going to pull across for privacy. She was quite amused and was having a good chuckle! Anyway, the shorts were no good but we did by a dress for about 110 000.

We continued up the hill on our way to Ubud Market which is right at the top of the very long street. It was very hot and we had a long way to go so we took a taxi to the top. We had a great look around the market and bought a few things...a bowl, some sarongs, a few Bintang singlets, a t shirt and a couple of fans. By this stage our backpack was full and could not hold anything else so we decided that was enough shopping for one day.

We were walking back down the hill in the direction of our hotel looking for somewhere to eat lunch. We checked out a couple of places but nothing really took our fancy until we came across Ibu Rai which had been recommended to us by a staff member of the hotel.

For starters we had Calamari Fritty for 28 000 and Vietnamese Rolls for 24 000. The calamari was so tender and among the best calamari we have ever had and the rice paper rolls were also very good but not quite as good as the ones from Nomad.

We then ordered Ayam Rica Rica for 57 000 and Nasi Goreng for 38 000 and for drinks we had a Storm Pale Ale 23 000, a large Bintang for 25 000, a Pina Colada for 47 000 and a Banana Raja for 47 000. We both really enjoyed our meals and drinks and decided this restaurant is up the top of our list of favourites.

Steve typing:

About half way through lunch Rachael jumped a little and started saying swear words... no one in the restaurant even battered an eye lid as none of them had heard these words before... after a moment I realised that she had a gecko running up her leg. We scared that off and had a great lunch.

After lunch we went back to the markets and had a bit more of a look around before walking towards home. Along the way we bought a present for the boys.

A short distance past this we came across a scooter rental guy. As I had been very intereseted in the scooter pricing I asked and was amazed that for $5 AUD per day we could hire a realitivly new scootr which could save us a fortune in cabs and also be a lot of fun.

We decided that we would give it a go and hired one scooter.... Rachael was very scared ... lol... she is such a chicken.. I'm an excellent scooter captian.

Our first scooter didn't even make it out of the parking lot as it had a flat tyre so they got us a newer (better) one and the best thing about this one was it is red so you know what that means! Now that I had my new wheels we did a few tough laps of the Ubud circut as any Aussie would, then braved the single lane track back through the Monkey Forest to our hotel.

As we were a little early we deciideed to have a dip in the pool, the temp of the water is around 27c so it is beautiful when its over 30+

After a dip and a cold beer lazing by th pool i suggested we get a massage as we still had some time to kill before the show started that evening. Well therre only one large area on my body that didnt get a rub dowwn.. it was exccellent.

Rachael typing:

After our massage we had a quick shower and freshened up for dinner. The hotel was hosting dinner and a show for $25US. Dinner was a 4 course set menu of traditional Balinese food and the show was traditional Balinese dances preformed by a group of six 8 to 10 year old girls.

And that is the end of day 4...

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