Saturday 8 May - Day 5 in Bali

We skipped breakfast and headed back into town on our new red scooter to Ubud Market Place. Between 4am and about 10am the Ubud Market Place is a full of stalls selling fresh and cooked foods for the locals and then from 10am or so the stalls change over and sell clothing and trinkets to the tourists. We were after cooking utensils and was told that the earlier market is the place to get them from. We didn't find much however we did buy two mortar and pestles (one smaller one and one larger one like we had used in our cooking class) for 100 000 (about $12.50AUD). I was extremely impressed with this buy and can't believe how cheap it was...I almost didn't even bother bargaining with her when she told us 150 000 for the larger one but Steve did a great job and we ended up getting the two of them.

We then headed over to Warung Enak for breakfast. Their menu looked so good we decided to order straight from the regular menu. We stared with drinks and had an Ice Coffee with Honey and Hazelnut for 32 000, a Banana Coffee Smoothie for 32 000 and a Mixed Juice for 16 500. The coffees were delicious...especially the Ice Coffee with Honey and Hazelnut. Then we ordered 2 serves of Lumpia Samarang (Spring Rolls) for 28 000 each and an 8 piece Sate Campur (campur means mixed) for 60 000. This is another resaurant we are adding to our favourites list!

We headed to the Ubud Information desk where we were to meet the shuttle bus that would take us to Bali Safari and Marine Park. The shuttle was going to pick us up at 11am and we were a little early so we walked up the road a little to the Circle K store and got some drinks and some spare batteries. Outside Steve struck up a conversation with the locals who had some scooters for hire and I had a look in a couple of the nearby shops and bought a little activity book that teaches English for children.

We went back to the information desk and our shuttle soon came. It took about 40 minutes to get to the Safari and Marine Park from Ubud. We looked around at the fish first and took note that the phirana feeding was at 3:30pm then we went and had our photo taken with a tiger cub and a young orangutan - she was so cute! By the time we had a good look around and gone on the sarari shuttle it was coming up to 3:30 so we headed back to the aquarium for the Phirana feeding. Apart from the rude, pushy Europeans it was pretty didn't take them long to get through half a raw chicken.

Back in Ubud we decided to go to Black Beach Italian Restaurant for dinner. We found it without too much trouble and walked up the stairs to the bar on the first level. Inside the whole floor is covered in a deep layer of black sand! We sat at the bar and ordered a large Bintang for 36 000, a Black Beach Cocktail for 42 000 and a Pizza Bianca for 15 000. Again, the girls behind the bar were checking out my husband and one at a time the ladies came out of the kitchen to "use the toilet". I can't take him anywere! After our drinks and entree were finished we headed up to the second floor eating area. The view was great and there was a nice was very relaxing. We ordered a main and a dessert to share - Spaghetti Carbonara ffor 49 000 and Pannacotta with Chocolate for 42 000. The flavour of the Carbonara was nice but we were dissapointed that it was made with packet pasta rather then fresh and the Pannacotta was nice but the chocolate was more like Cottees Chocolate Topping.

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