Sunday 9 May - Day 6 in Bali

Today is our last day in Ubud!

On our scooter and off to Juice Ja Cafe to breakfast. We had a little trouble finding it so we stopped by the Circle K for directions and to stock up on sun cream. With directions in hand we had no trouble finding it and in we went. Steve ordered a Cafe Latte for 13 000 and a Chicken and Avocado Sandwich for 27 000. I was excited when I found out they had soy milk and I ordered an Iced Coffee and a Passionfruit/Chocolate Crepe for 22 000. Steve's order was very nice but mine was not so great. The coffee was very watery and the passionfruit filling in the crepe was very sweet and there was lots of it.

We went back to the Circle K where Steve had been speaking with the locals the previous day and asked Gede (who rents out the scooters) if it was possible to get a scooter tour. In the end Gede rented us another scooter for 50 000 and his friend Wayan agreed to be our guide for 250 000. We asked Wayan just to take us around the quieter roads in the surrounding villages. First he took us to some rice fields where we took some photos. The view was beautiful but unfortunately we were hassled by a man, a young girl and a women to buy some stuff. It was pretty full on and quite overwhelming. Next he took us to a large building where people were carving wood sculptures. A man explained to us the different types of wood and how it is done and then walked us through the shop. We felt obliged to buy something but quickly changed our minds when we saw that a small elephant cost 250 000 and it was a set price. We tipped the shop assistant and left as quickly as possible. We told Wayan that it was not quite what we had in mind and he took us to a local wood carving village where we bought a small wooden box for 20 000 and large orangutan for about 110 000.

We rode back into Ubud - I was hitting about 40kph by now and I thought I was flying!

Steve typing - We went back to the Circle K and dropped off one of the bikes as the path to the restaurant we were going to lunch at was through the rice fields and very very narrow. Rachael jumped on the back with wayan and i rode mine.

We had lunch at Sari Organic which is a restaurant surrounded by rice fields, the only way there is a small path through the fields, everything in the restaurant is grown locally and prepared in their kitchen. I had the "Chicken Mushroom" with steamed vegetables and rice, Rachael had "Chicken Fried Rice" and Wayan had "Balinese Nasi Campur" (Mixed grill). We all enjoyed our meals the food was pretty good. It was great to sit with Wayan and chat with him, his english is pretty good. He explained that slowly the traditional Balinese family is changing. The younger people don't want to work and many move away from home now to work.

After lunch Wayan took us back to our hotel and dropped us off, I grabbed his card and will email him in the future.

Rachael typing - We went back into town to drop the scooter off and the old guy who we rented it from was a little painful. First he tried to tell us that we were half a day late to drop it off and wanted to charge us for it but Steve was very clear with him that that was not the case and he gave up pretty quickly. He then asked us if we needed a taxi service somewhere and when we told him no he started sulking and saying we had promised him a job when we had hired the scooter from his nephew. Again, Steve told him this was not the case and when that did not work Steve apologised that he had misunderstood what we were saying. That worked and we left as quickly as possible! I think it is important to mention that this guy was Javanese and not Balinese...

We walked up the road towards Bali Healing - we had received a brochure from them a couple of days again and their packages sounded very good. On the way we stopped in at a Internet cafe and had a good chat with the kids.

Bali Healing was only a few doors up from the internet cafe and we went in and asked for the Ultimate Indulgence Package. It was 350 000 each and included a foot bath, a 4 hand massage (2 therapists), a body scrub, a facial and a foot massage for 2 1/2 hours! I loved it but my experience was very different to Steve's even though we were in the same room! For me the massage was perfect...the therapists worked perfectly together. They were in sync and both used the same amount of pressure - Steve's therapists were each using a different amount of pressure. I thought the green tea body scrub was great! The scrub was quite rough which I liked and was great for my skin leaving it really smooth but Steve had a lot of trouble with his hair! As they rubbed the scrub over his arms and legs it ripped on his hair (which I find quite amusing!). We then took a shower...I went first and felt very refreshed.Steve got in the shower, lathered himself up with soap and then the water stopped! The power had gone out and the water could not flow. They were very apologetic and got him a bowl of warm water and a face cloth to wash himself down. By now I was already having a facial and a foot massage which went for extra long due to the bathroom hiccup and then they put cold cucumber on my face and left me to rest. I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed! For me it was absolutely amazing and I am so glad we did it but I don't think Steve shares my sentiments!

We went back to the hotel and had a quick shower and changed into some fresh clothes then we went to dinner at Cinta Bar and Grill (Cinta means Love in balinese). We were told that cinta is the word for love. It was a very nice restaurant and the staff were extremely friendly. For starters we ordered Grilled Garlic Sourdough with Gorgonzola Cream for 55 000. It was delicious and we knew that we had picked a great restaurant for our last meal in Ubud! For mains we ordered Baby Back Pork Ribs with Rice for 92 000 and Bali Grilled Chicken with Garlic Turmeric Paste, Basil Mashed Potato and Grilled Vegetables for 57 000. Both mains were fantastic! The ribs were so tender they could be eaten with a knife and fork and the chicken breast was very moist and juicy - it was cooked perfectly! The basil mash was also very good and Steve is trying to work out how it was made so we can make it at home. We shared a dessert of Gelato for 24 000 and it was also very good - nicer than the gelato from Gelato Secrets. For drinks we had a large Bintang for 36 000 and a Cinta Mocha cooler for 75 000. This was by far the most expensive restaurant we had been to yet but we both agreed that it was worth it and it still only come to about $55aud all up.

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